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        于我們/About us

               Guangdong  chaozhou   YANGGUANG  BOYUAN  PLASTIC  INDUSTRY  CO  .,LTDcovers an area of 200acres of six standards Workshop, specializing in pp, pe,pa, Recycling and sorting of pet and composite plastics,plastics Comprehensive processing of regeneration andmodification.Company production calendar Long history,advanced equipment, with a number of meet All kinds ofplastic performance production granulation line, annualproduction Capacity of about 20,000 tons. Perfect plasticproperties Testing equipment, excellent production technology and integrity For the purpose of ensuring thequality and stability of the product Qualitative.

               The management theory of the company is always inthe vanguard of the market, which emphasizes management, humanist, co-innovation and pursuit ofexcellence, Regard the product quality as the life of the enter prise, focus on service first, marketing specialization,management leanness, establish strategic cooperationrelationship with customers, satisfy the needs of theenterprise, realize mutual benefit and win-win!

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